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How well do you know your students?

Extended learning starts with heart. That means bringing intentional focus to two important areas: relational capacity and social-emotional learning. Through engaging content and proven teaching techniques, AVID connects the head and the heart.

As you plan for summer and extended learning, would you like to see your students become noticeably more engaged and more organized and take ownership of their learning?

We know for sure that this doesn’t happen by chance.

Educators must extend their hearts to connect with their students’ heads. At AVID, we help you create a powerful heart–head connection.

When that happens, students thrive.

If you need a student-centered, highly engaging strategy, consider partnering with AVID to build relational capacity in your summer and extended learning experiences.

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Our mission is to close the opportunity gap.

At a time when our nation is facing unprecedented learning loss, the best way forward is to activate every student’s desire and commitment to own the present and the future. Inspiring student agency is what we do best at AVID.

Let’s go further together.