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How would you describe the concept of college and career readiness? Educators lack a common language for describing its meaning. Learn from our EVP, Michelle Mullen, as she explains the AVID College and Career Readiness Framework and how it can be used to change students' lives.

Watch this Webinar to discover:

  • The student outcomes we strive for as educators, resulting in young adults taking charge of their futures
  • The essential actions that help educators lead effective and trusting relationships with students, and become effective advocates for college and career readiness
  • How we can lead schools to be the transformative place for students to see, and act on, their own potential

Presented by Michelle Mullen
Executive Vice President - Learning Programs, Products, and Services for AVID, and former Professor & Curriculum Director in California.


Presented by
Gerald Denman
Former Chief Equity and Advancement Officer - Puyallup School District in Washington