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fall special edition


District Leaders, Site Leaders, and Educators!

Kickstart a successful school year with AVID Ignite Special Fall Edition -- a 2-day, immersive, virtual professional learning experience. After an extraordinary summer of learning, we're keeping the flame burning to help ignite your journey to academic excellence! Training in AVID strategies has never been easier with our new condensed 2-day schedule. Gain actionable insights for the 2023-2024 school year and receive expert recommendations to pave the way for AVID implementation!

This is the perfect opportunity to:

  • Use any remaining Ignite registrations you may have from your 2023-2024 AVID Agreement.
  • Train late hires that missed summer professional learning.
  • Kick off the school year by preparing staff and strengthening their AVID strategies and best practices.

Reignite your “why” and spark inspiration across campus!

Participants will receive 12 hours of virtual learning within a Community of Practice that aligns with their interests and goals. In addition, they will have the opportunity to engage in AVID Ignite's "educator agency sessions," where they will not only gain access to exclusive resources but also have firsthand experiences that will empower them to extend their learning beyond the confines of their own classrooms. These invaluable resources and experiences are specifically designed to foster campus-wide growth and development throughout the entire school year.

What Makes It Special?

While AVID Ignite is typically a summer program, we are bringing you an exceptional one-time fall edition to ensure you confidently start the school year equipped with AVID strategies. Condensed into just 2 action-packed days to accommodate busy schedules, this event guarantees the same level of expertise and impact you expect from AVID's unmatched professional learning experiences. Don't miss out, the next opportunity to use your 2023-2024 AVID Ignite registrations won’t occur until next summer and they expire in December 2024!