Pre-College & Postsecondary Professional Learning

Even as popularity of pre-college programs increases (Early College High Schools, PTECHs and Dual Enrollment), a growing number of students still struggle to succeed.  Let’s help these students using proven Teaching & Learning practices that have already helped millions close the gap between performance and potential.

Strands Offered at 2020 Summer Institute

  • Harnessing the Power of Student Engagement
  • College Success — First Year and Beyond
  • Best Practices for Course Design and Delivery
  • Strengthening Pathways — Secondary to Higher Education

Skills Covered in Strands:

  • How to augment critical thinking capability via AVID WICOR® strategies
  • How to increase accessibility to rigorous content
  • How to provide support that improves student engagement
  • How to reach the student with relational capacity
  • How to develop organizational and soft skills valued in the workforce

This professional learning is for you if you are:

  • An instructor of Dual Enrollment, Early College High School (ECHS), Career Pathways, PTECHs/CTE, or an AP/ IB course
  • Postsecondary faculty
  • Leadership supporting pre-college or postsecondary faculty

For the first time, instructors of pre-college programs have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues most influential in ensuring seamless student transition to higher education. This supports AVID partners by:

  • Addressing needs specific to pre-college and postsecondary course instructors
  • Supporting successful student matriculation
  • Fostering AVID schoolwide growth for AVID partners offering pre-college programs

AVID Summer Institute (SI) is the annual opportunity for 40,000+ educators to get professional learning and tap into a community of passionate practitioners.

Dallas, TX | June 15 - 17
San Diego 1, CA | June 22 - 24
Denver, CO | June 30 - July 2
San Antonio, TX | July 8 - 10
Seattle, WA | July 20 - 22
Philadelphia, PA | July 22 - 24

Each strand guarantees 13.75 hours of instructional strand time and 5.5 hours of campus team planning time.

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